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GPM PRO delivers flexible, on-site maintenance training programs with minimal disruption to your productivity. This not only minimizes off-site travel expenses for your workforce, but it also incorporates site-specific examples into the training.

From supplementing your OEM training to creating a customized training program, GP Strategies has a full toolbox to optimize the productivity of your skilled workers. Our extensive array of tools includes:

Training Matrix

Once GP Strategies has helped you identify the skills sets needed, we develop a training matrix (13KB PDF) that aligns the entire training solution with each job classification. This allows the creation of a custom training plan for each individual’s specific needs that can be tracked manually or entered into a prescriptive training or learning management system.

Curriculum Map

GP Strategies makes it easy for you to see how your maintenance professionals flow through their customized training programs by creating curriculum maps (443KB PDF). Each stop on the map identifies the prescribed course and duration. All courses are preceded by prerequisite courses required for that particular subject matter. GP Strategies’ curriculum maps provide an at-a-glance “roadmap” for each phase of a training program.

Maintenance Technician Courses

Whether we’re using our own pre-designed courses, supplementing OEM courses, or providing equipment-specific training, GP Strategies ensures that every course we deliver is customized to meet your needs. There are no canned approaches at GP Strategies. Our GPM PRO Maintenance Technician Course Catalog (11MB PDF) will give you an idea of the types of courses we can deliver to your maintenance personnel.

GPiLEARN Web-Based Training

Your maintenance technicians can start their training immediately by taking advantage of GPiLEARN, our exclusive training portal that is pre-populated with a wide range of maintenance courseware.

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